How to build your personal brand on YouTube

In this PREMIUM episode internet video marketer and online entrepreneur Gideon Shalwick explains why building and developing your personal brand is critical for building an engaging audience and teaches you how to develop your authentic personal brand step by step.

More specifically, you will learn:

  • The three ingredients for a successful personal brand.
  • How to build your personal brand from scratch.
  • How to avoid the pitfalls and dangers when building your personal brand.

About Gideon Shalwick


In 2006, Gideon Shalwick decided to quit his well paying corporate job, emigrate to Australia to start a new business – What kind of new business? He had no idea. After some careful research he decided on setting up a simple website business selling one of his books. Within a couple of weeks of launching, his book got distributed to 77 countries around the world, only to see it all tumbling down and crashing because he ran out of traffic to sustain the business! From that painful experience, he’s since figured out how to get TONS of traffic using the medium of online video. Today, he’s been able to build a following of over 100,000 people for his business ventures, one of his partner YouTube channels has had over 10,000,000 views (and counting), and he has a personal following of over 64,000 people on his personal blog at where he shares some of his video marketing strategies. His latest book, Rapid Video Blogging, has now been downloaded well over 35,000 times and has become the standard for video blogging as a marketing tool for businesses. To get your free copy, go to Recently, he founded, a business that helps business owners, online video marketers and YouTubers increase traffic, leads and conversion by capturing their viewers’ attention with short but powerful animated video clips.


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