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    1. How to Build Memory Palaces

    2. How to Use Memory Palaces To Store Knowledge

    3. How to (Realistically) Memorize a Textbook

    4. How to Recall Memorized Information

    5. Common Questions Answered

    6. The Next Level: Advanced Memory Hacks

    7. The Ultimate Student Success Secret

    8. How to Memorize MATH with Special Guest Robert Ahdoot

    9. Wrap up and Final Thoughts

    10. BONUS VIDEO #1: How To Memorize Specialized Terminology and Definitions

    11. BONUS VIDEO #2: How To Memorize NUMBERS

    12. BONUS VIDEO #3: More Student Success SECRETS


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  • Protected: How To MASTER Any Language Stream IOS

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  • Protected: How To MASTER Any Language Live-Stream

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    I started the UNCON SCHOOL exactly 1,5 years ago for one reason only: to become a TRULY INDEPENDENT researcher. I couldn’t imagine working from one year contract to the next or depending entirely on the academic job market. The more I talked with researchers about their career prospects the less I became interested in letting the academic job market dictate where I am supposed to live and how much money I am supposed to earn. According to the Royal Society’s 2010 Report my chances of landing a professor job are a merely 0.45%.

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    NAREN – The Ultimate Learning Course

    I love learning. But since the birth of my son NAREN in 2011 I am obsessed with it. Let me tell you why:
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    LIVE Webinar: How to program your MIND FOR SUCCESS

    I am happy to announce that I hosted successfully my first webinar on “How to program your MIND FOR SUCCESS”. People from Chile, Austria, Italy, Spain and Germany tuned in to learn:

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  • How to become a professional movie translator

    If you love movies and are passionate about languages, becoming a movie substitle translator might be a good career choice for you. In this PREMIUM episode Tienne Hsu from Taiwan teaches you how to earn a living as a movie translator. 

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  • UNCON TV 06: How to have it all

    The way how the current working life is organized does not allow us to have it all at the same time. Let me elaborate: There are three things that is holding the world together:

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    UNCON TV 10: Attend more conferences!

    I have just attended a 3,5 days conference and it was a tremendous experience to see and get to know so many people who love what they are doing.

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    How to create VIRAL videos

    This compact but sweet course is one of my favorites so far at the UNCON SCHOOL. I got the unique opportunity to pick the brain of Zach King, YouTube superstar and the Steven Spielberg of our generation.

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