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Hello, and welcome to the UNCON SCHOOL (short form for Online School for Unconventional Academics). My name is Stephan Si-Hwan PARK and I am the founder and chief interviewer here. Being a young researcher and PhD candidate myself I have noticed that there seem to be very few resources on how to plan an academic career. Therefore I came up with the simple idea of interviewing the best professors and experts of our time on career planning and pragmatic learning. I am conducting all interviews via video skype, record them and share them with you for FREE. I hope that the UNCON SCHOOL’s original and high quality content will become a valuable source of inspiration and knowledge for the next generation of young, ambitious and UNconventional academics. Find below my personal TOP 3s collection.








THE UNCON SCHOOL’S TOP 3 BESTSELLERS (>1000 satisfied customers)



  1. Become excellent at something that only few people can do
  2. Be the best and first in your chosen field of expertise
  3. Work every single day to achieve point 1 and 2



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  • Jose

    Very inspiring Stephan. Keep on with this! I am planing to do a PhD and all the advices that i can find here give a very important different perspective. Thanks again.

    • Stephan Si-Hwan Park

      Jose, thank you for the great encouragement! You made my day! :)

  • Raphael Riedler

    Finally I’m on my way to follow my passion.
    All sounds pretty easy now, thx a lot for our inspiring talk Stephan!
    You gave me the last necessary impuls I needed! ;)

    • Stephan Si-Hwan Park

      Thank you Raphael. I enjoyed our coaching session a lot! Remember: Do not overcomplicate things – identify the things you enjoy most and you are naturally good in and focus on becoming world class in those. Keep me updated on your progress!

  • Narendra Karn

    Very noble initiation for the aspirants of Academics. The interviews with experienced faculty members from institute like Harvard, MIT etc. will help the students in planning their way to fulfill their dreams. Keep it on. If be possible post an interview on how to get admission in PhD in some most prestigious institutes like MIT, Harvard, university of California,Cambridge etc.

    • Stephan Si-Hwan PARK

      Dear Narendra, thank you for the encouragement! Regarding your request on how to get admitted into top tier universities such as Harvard, MIT etc., I highly recommend two resources: (1) E-Book on “How to get into Harvard Law School” by Andrew Chen: and (2) Online course on “Get yourself into college” by Prof. Jennifer B. Bernstein: Both, Andrew and Jennifer know their stuff and helped a large number of students to get accepted into top universities. Needless to say that both resources cost a little bit of money but the return on investment is worthwhile.

  • Vincent

    Thanks for your very useful initiative! And thanks again for being humble and enthusiast. I wish you all the best in your professor career ;-)

  • LostGrad

    Great work, keep it up. If you have an article, I’d love to share it on – maybe something for our inspire section

    • Stephan Si-Hwan PARK

      thanks! Sure, why not? Shall I write something original or would you like to use something that is already on my site?

      • LostGrad

        you’re welcome! the aim of the lostgrad inspire section is really to motivate people to do their best and start something new – just like you’ve done.
        If you have anything suitable already, we can use that – otherwise if you would like to write something else I’d love that too!

  • Matthias Hombauer

    Great project Stephan! Really like your approach!

    • Stephan Si-Hwan PARK

      Thanks for the support Matthias!